The Thing -Arctic- is a survival game in the StarCraft II arcade. Here, you will learn the basics of how to play.

How to win as a Survivor:

  1. Kill all Things.
  2. OR
  3. Hop on the Dropship to escape. (Even 1 Thing must NOT be onboard, or the Thing wins)

How to win as a Thing:

  1. Kill or convert all Survivors.
  2. OR
  3. Hop on the Dropship to escape. (Does not matter how many Survivors are onboard, if at least 1 Thing makes it onboard, Thing wins)

General basics:

  1. Minerals are gained through picking up Mineral Pickups and item crates containing minerals. Minerals are also gained by killing Things, Creep Tumors, Spine Crawlers, and Zombies. (Zombies spawned by the Thing and Spore Crawlers do not give minerals)
  2. Life can be recovered through Stimpack (default hotkey T), Restoration Pickups, First Aid skill (must be a high enough level to use), item crates containing First Aid Packs, Bandages, and Canned Food.
  3. Energy can be recovered through Coffee Thermos, Restoration Pickups, and Canned Food.
  4. When a Thing in Thing form deals the killing blow to a Survivor, the Survivor is converted into a Thing. When a Survivor is converted, a scream is heard and a red ping is shown on the minimap. Newly converted Things have full life and energy.
  5. Staying outside too long causes you to get cold. Eventually, you will start to take damage until you die or warm up. You can warm up by staying indoors, drinking Scotch Whisky, and staying near fires and lit Barrels of Gasoline.
  6. There are 3 rounds per game. If you die (not converted), you get to control the Zombies and Creep Tumors. When a round ends, you are respawned as either a Thing or Survivor. After the 3rd round, you are taken to a stat screen where you can change your Weapons, Abilities, and Upgrades. Here, you can create builds that are suited for specific purposes. You have can have a maximum of 5 builds. Builds can be changed during rounds using a Weapon Rack.
  7. The Thing is randomly selected, the Thing is NOT selected based on stats.

Tips as a Survivor: