Content missile turret

Missile Turret

Stats: Edit

Life 150
Armor 0
Damage 9 x 2
Attack speed 0.8608
Range 7
Cost 30
Upgrade time 15

Missile Turrets are high ranged turret with low hp. They can be salvaged refunding both the Auto-Turret and the upgrade cost. They can't be build directly.


Build Missile Turrets in the back of your base so ranged zombies can't get close to them. They deal huge damage to everything in their range so do your best to keep them safe. In case of need use Repair Kits or the Repair Ability.


  • Onslaught increases damage output of structures by 15%/30%
  • Reinforced structures gives 10/20/30 bonus health to all your structures
  • Rapid deployment decreases build time of Gates and upgrade time of Auto-Turrets