• Dog form is no longer acquired by auto-attacks

This allows more creative usage of dog form as player will no longer suffer heavy hp losses due to turrets and autoattacks from groups of enemies.

  • Dog form life up from 100 to 150
  • Dog from speed from 3.375 -> 2.9

These changes aim to allow survivor players to react properly against a Thing using dog form.

  • First imitation gains a dog charge too

It's not fun when a round ends too quickly. This change aims to increase duration of matches by increasing the survivability of new things.

  • Cocoon life is reduced along with thing life

Cosmetic change, now attacking cocoon is as effective as attacking thing.

  • Scan visible through fog of war

Hidden scan model allows survivor players to ambush burrowed things, as they are not aware of detection. It's bad, becasue it depends on luck rather than skill.

  • Chance for 2 things at start of a round

In a large lobby with high ranked players it's possible for 2 players to be the Thing.

  • Thing healing zones no longer die outside

A lore limitation that can be removed to aid gameplay for the Thing.